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Booking Inquiry

Monthly reservations begin and end of the first and last day of the month respectively and may be booked at any time.

The Crashpads at DTW highly values the privacy, security, safety and comfort of all Members. To ensure this, the following are verified:


Employment Credentials: Ensures that each member is a valid crew member.

Schedule (Final or Mock): Assists in forecasting occupancy needs to ensure guaranteed privacy and comfort.

Driver's License & Insurance: Those requesting Crew Car access must have a valid license to ensure safe operations. The Crashpads at DTW possesses vehicle insurance. In the event of an auto accident, physical damage to the vehicle is covered IAW Michigan State Law. Liability coverage is the responsibility of each driver. Those requesting Crew Car access must either present a copy of a valid auto insurance card or pay an Uninsured Driver Fee.

Returning Member are required to submit a new booking inquiry and their schedule for each reservation.

Thanks for registering.

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